Chemistry Business Card

I made this business card to hand out when in situations that present networking opportunities. The design was made in Adobe Illustrator CS5. Since I am currently a senior chemistry major, the card is science themed. I drew inspiration from the periodic table when using elements whose chemical symbols represent my initials. (I’m obviously just a solution of potassium iodide!) I chose the colors, purple and yellow, to bring a little of my personality to the card while still maintaining a professional and clean feel to the design. With the restrictions of letter combinations on the periodic table, this design isn’t for everyone.

Chemistry Business Card >>>

I had these printed using Through their website, I could upload my design and choose the paper quality, coating finish (gloss, etc…), double/single-sided, and whether to have rounded or square corners.

Chemist Business Card
Chemist Business Card
Chemist Business Card


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