DIY T-Shirt Tying, Cutting, and Weaving

On the night after Valentine’s Day I had a “roomie date night”. My roommate and I are best friends and decided to have a t-shirt cutting party. We started the night off by going to Michaels and purchasing cheap, good quality, plain t-shirts. We the looked up ideas on Pinterest and found two we wanted to try. The first tutorial was a cutting and weaving tuorial that can be viewed here. The tutorial was easy to follow and our shirts turned out really well. Check one out below!

 The second tutorial can be viewed here and involved making a crop top tied in the front. This tutorial was also easy to follow and the finished product turned out great as you can see below.


NOTE: Photos were taken with an iPhone 4s and edited in Adobe Photoshop using Alex Beadon’s “Black Hearts White” action.



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