5 Games To Play On A College Night In

“A Night In” in this case refers to a night without partying or drinking. I am currently a college sophomore and my friends and I don’t party much. If you’re like us or are just bored and looking for something to do then read on.

1. SnapChat Manhunt

SnapChat is an app that you can download from the Android app store and the Apple app store. About a week ago I ran into some friends who were playing manhunt, but they weren’t playing regular manhunt, they were playing SnapChat manhunt. They hid at random places around campus and sent each other SnapChats to give hints. When playing this, once you find someone, team up with them to find another person. In the end it should be everyone in the group looking for one remaining person. The last person to be found wins!

2. Ghosts In The Graveyard

There are many ways to play this game but my favorite way is with flashlights. Before a round starts, one player is chosen to be the ghost. The ghost has to hide inside the designated boundaries. If you are not the ghost, you and other players will stand at a spot designated as “home base” and count with your flashlights off to give the ghost time to hide. Count aloud–“one o’clock, two o’clock…”–until you reach midnight. When you and the others yell midnight turn your flashlights on and start searching for the ghost. The first person to see the ghost yells “Ghost in the graveyard.” When you hear this, you must run back to “home base” as quickly as possible. If you are tagged by the ghost before you reach the base, the round ends and you are the ghost in the next round of the game. [Source for the rules.]

3. Werewolf

With a group of about 11-14 there will be:
1 moderator
3 werewolves
1 detective
1 witch
1 wolfman
1 silencer (optional)
1 martyr (optional)
The remaining people are townspeople

The moderator leads the game and keeps track of who’s who. Everyone follows the moderator’s instructions. When the moderator says go to sleep, everyone closes their eyes and stops talking. The moderator will wake up each character in turn so they can make their moves. The moderator also keeps the story line going… [Read More!]

4. Board/Card Games

As far as board games go Monopoly and Cranium are a favorite amongst my friends. Card games make up a longer list that includes Apples To Apples, Poker, Spoons, Uno, and Phase 10. These games and many more (if not already owned) can be found at your local Wal-Mart or Target.

5. Video Games

These don’t have to be games like Halo or Call of Duty (unless you’re in to that). I own a Wii so whenever I play video games with friends they include Mario Cart, Just Dance, or Mario and Sonic at some Olympic Games. There are plenty of other games on different systems you can play.

If there are games you play with your friends that are not listed comment with how to play them below.


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