Click! Remote Project

During my junior year of high school (2010) I took an Adobe Illustrator I course. This project was a group project and counted as our final. I partnered up with two of my friends in the course and we got to work.

The project was to pretend that our product was just entering the market. We were assigned the remote control. We quickly came up with our company name of ASK Electronics. “ASK” being an acronym for our names, Ashley, Sarah, and Kayla. We agreed on the slogan seen in the below images. I worked on the logo, business cards, and package design. Ashley, the best sketch artist in the group, worked on sketches of the remote, informational poster, and coupon ad. Sarah did an amazing job turning Ashley’s sketches into Illustrator files. We finished our project before everyone else in class and presented the project using a Keynote presentation. I have since turned the Keynote into a movie which you can view below. We received an ‘A’ on this project and had fun working on it.


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