Warrior Ink Logo Animation

My senior year in high school (I graduated in June 2011) I got the amazing opportunity to be in a class called ‘Digital Art & Design II’. The class is basically a job I got a grade for. We worked in a fully functional print shop. I and six other classmates got to operate a laminator, and a t-shirt press to print designs on shirts, mouse pads, drawstring bags, & tote bags. We made notecards, playing cards, and business cards also. We also got to handle customers and make custom designs for various clubs, sports teams, and teachers who were willing to pay. We chose the name ‘Warrior Ink’ because our school mascot is the warrior and ‘Ink’ sounds like ‘Inc.’. The class was in a Mac Lab (30 iMac Desktop Computers). It was the perfect way to end my senior year in high school. I will be uploading more work from my time in the class under the tag ‘Warrior Ink’. This animation is for the ‘Warrior Ink’ logo. I made this animation in Adobe Flash CS3 and added the audio in iMovie.



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