Charleston Brochure

My junior year in high school my Digital Art & Design 1 teacher took the class on a field trip to downtown Charleston, South Carolina. She assigned everyone a digital camera and we roamed downtown for hours taking pictures knowing when we got back to school there was to be a project involving the pictures. The next day at school my teacher gave the class the rubric for the project. The assignment was to create a brochure for Charleston, South Carolina using the pictures we took. I took pictures of flowers mostly and was informed that if I wanted to use those pictures in my project I would have to identify the plants. Knowing little about flowers and plants, it took me three class periods to identify and research the few plants I used in my brochure. I edited the photos using Adobe Photoshop CS3 and made the brochure in Adobe InDesign CS3 using a template I redesigned. I got the fonts from


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